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Writing Center: FAQs About Creating PowerPoints

A guide to information to help you research and write more effectively.

FAQs About Creating PowerPoints

What is a PowerPoint presentation? 

A PowerPoint presentation contains computer slides with information about the presenter’s topic. The presenter gives an oral presentation about the topic and uses the PowerPoint presentation as their aid. 

What are common mistakes people make when using PowerPoint presentations? 

Presenters sometimes include too much text on their PowerPoint, use images that are difficult to see, utilize backgrounds that make the text difficult to read, and use too many distracting transitions. During presentations, presenters can also read from their slides and forget to look at and talk to the audience. 

What can I do to ensure that I do not make these common mistakes? 

The best approach to avoiding these mistakes is practicing the presentation ahead of time. You can watch your PowerPoint presentation to ensure that the information is easy to read and no transitions, images, backgrounds, etc. take away from the presentation. You can also rehearse your oral presentation to ensure that you know what you will say for each slide, you do not have to look at the slides, and you are prepared for the presentation. 

How do I find templates for my PowerPoint presentation? 

You can use one of the sample templates provided by PowerPoint or Google Slides. You can also search online for other templates. SlidesGo often has useful and creative templates. 

How do I add a video to my PowerPoint presentation? 

If you are using PowerPoint, go to the slide you would like the video to be on, go to the Menu, select “Insert,” click “Video” from the top right corner, select “Video on my PC,” and select the video you would like. You can format the video once you have inserted it. If you are using Google Slides, go to the slide you want, go to the Menu, click “Insert,” select “Video,” specify the location you want the video from, and click “Select.” You can format the video after you select and insert the video into the slide.