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Writing Center: FAQs About Creative Writing

A guide to information to help you research and write more effectively.

FAQs About Creative Writing

What is creative writing? 

Creative writing is a form of writing that incorporates imagination and invention. Creativity is the driving force behind creative writing. 

What are some examples of creative writing? 

Poetry, novels, short stories, plays, song lyrics, movie scripts, memoirs, speeches, blogs, and comic strips are all examples of creative writing. 

What are the common elements of creative writing? 

Creative writing pieces typically include a unique plot, well-developed characters, a strong underlying theme, strong visual descriptions, a point of view to see the story through, imaginative language, and an appeal to the emotions of the audience. 

What is the difference between creative writing and academic writing? 

Creative writing and academic writing both follow some of the traditional rules and principles of writing. However, creative writing provides writers with the freedom to express themselves through topics, formats, and styles that are traditionally not accepted in academic writing.