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Writing Center: FAQs About Multimodal Assignments

A guide to information to help you research and write more effectively.

FAQs About Multimodal Assignments

What are multimodal assignments? 

Multimodal assignments combine written text, visual aids, and sound. 

What are examples of multimodal texts?

PowerPoint presentations, podcasts, comic books, newspapers, videos, songs, plays, and oral presentations are all examples of multimodal texts. 

Why is it important to tutor students working on multimodal assignments? 

As technology advances, many students are now asked to complete assignments beyond the traditional written essay. Even though these assignments are different, new media is still considered writing. Tutors should be equipped to work with these students and create a multiliteracy center. 

How do I create multimodal assignments? 

Despite being different in form from traditional written essays, multimodal assignments still contain a clear thesis statement that is defended using the assignment’s visual, auditory, and text tools. More tips for these assignments can be found below.