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Writing Center: Checklist For Creative Writing

A guide to information to help you research and write more effectively.

Checklist For Creative Writing

  • Begins with an engaging opening sentence and opening paragraph
  • Concludes with an impactful ending that makes the audience appreciative of the writing 
  • The ending is plausible and fits in with the rest of the story
  • Uses strong, descriptive language throughout the entire piece
  • Contains a variety of verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and nouns to add to descriptive language 
  • Sentence structure is varied and helps create different moods
  • Follows a logical order and a logical sequence of events
  • Provides cues and transitions to the reader when there are changes in the timeframe
  • Includes enough detail that the audience knows the looks, thoughts, and personalities of the characters
  • Utilizes dialogue when necessary to add more depth to the characters 
  • Feelings of characters are evident in the writing 
  • The story is well-paced and developed
  • Contains a clear, consistent point of view throughout the entire piece
  • Does not contain too many details or descriptions that make the writing less effective
  • Contains enough detail for the audience to understand the story, the plot, the setting, and the characters
  • Utilizes literary devices that enhance the writing
  • Suspense and tension are built and carried throughout the piece
  • The setting is described in enough detail for the audience to know what the setting is like
  • Mentions the five senses to add to the descriptions 
  • Uses the same verb tense consistently through the writing 
  • Free of grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors