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Business: Websites

Mississippi Web Resources

Evaluating Sources

Ask the following questions as you research:


When was the website/material created or updated?

Are there dead links to other sites?

Is the material out-of-date for your topic?


Does the information relate to your topic or answer your question?

Is the information presented at an appropriate age level?

How does the information compare with other sources about your topic?


Who is the author or creator?

Are the author’s qualifications or credentials available?

If a website was created by an organization, what is its mission?

What is the website’s domain (government site urls end with .gov,

academic sites end with .edu, association and organization sites end in .org, etc.)?


Are there typing or grammatical errors?

If statistical information is presented, is the source of the information documented?

Is the quality of the information similar to information from other sources (books, articles) on this topic?


Is the goal of the source clearly stated?

Does the information appear to be the author’s opinion or is it factual?

Is the information biased toward or against a political, religious or social group?

Is the site meant to persuade? Educate? Sell a product?

General Web Resources

Stats on the Web

Resources for Country Research