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Business: GBU 321

Source Competition Instructions

Find Sources On Your Topic

The following databases offer quality articles on your presentation topic.

  See our full list of  Databases

TRAAP Criteria for Source Evaluation

Answering these questions will help you

determine a source's quality. 


How did you locate this source?


Is the source timely enough for your topic? Why or why not?


Why is this source relevant to your topic?


What makes the author/creator an expert on your topic?


Identify at least one main idea from the source that you may incorporate into your paper. Do you feel 100% confident that this idea is sound or accurate?  Why or why not?


What is the purpose of the source?  Is it educational?  Is it trying to sell you something or get you to join a website?  Is there any bias or sexual, gender, or age discrimination?  Does the source seem to show cultural discrimination or geographic discrimination?


You must have found hundreds of results when you searched, perhaps thousands.  Very briefly, why did you select this source?