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Business: Terminology

Welcome to Your Business Research Guide

Leadership Terms

"Continuum of Leader Behavior" AND Tannenbaum

"Situational leadership" AND Hersey OR Blanchard

"Leading Change" AND Kotter

"Values-based Leadership" Fairholm

Organizational Theory Terms

"Bureaucracy Model" AND Weber

Organizations AND "Simon and March"

"Organizational Design" AND Mintzberg 

"Learning Organization" AND Senge

"Culture in Organizations" AND Martin

"Sensemaking in Organizations" AND Weick

"Rational, Natural, and Open Ssytems" AND Scott

"Knowledge Society"

Motivational Theories

"Theory of Scientific Management" AND "Fredrick Taylor"

"Theory of Human Relations" AND "Elton Mayo"

Theory of Human Needs"

"Hierarchy of Needs"

"Abraham Mazlow"

"Frederick Herzberg"

 "Management by Objectives"

 "Hawthorne Studies"

"Theory X and Theory Y" AND McGregor

" Expectancy Theory" AND Vroom

Other Common Terms

"Organizational Citizenship"

"Organizational behavior"






cross-cultural issues



Sample combined phrase search:

"organizational behavior" AND Technology AND conflict