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Business: Part Three Components

ECO 232 : Microeconomics 

Market or Industry Analysis 

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Part Three Components

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ECO 232: Part Three Components

  • Final Report
  • Presentation to Class

Final Product: 

  • Paper - Your team paper should summarize your results. Include subheadings for each section of the paper, a title page and listing of references. Remember white space is your friend. Use standard fonts such as Times New Roman 12pt.
  • PowerPoint Presentation - Your team will summarize your analysis in a PowerPoint. Your team must design an effective presentation. The presentation will take place during the last week of classes. Your team will be evaluated on the design of the presentation, its content, and your team's ability to explain it. 

Required Paper/PowerPoint Components: 

  • Title and authors' name(s)
  • Background information including the importance of the industry and overview of current trends impacting the industry.
  • Analysis of these three areas: 
  1. Demand: Consumer spending/behavior as it relates to this industry
  2. Production: Firm choices to achieve cost minimization/profit maximization, effects of changing prices. 
  3. Market Structure: Which type of market structure best characterizes this industry? Degree of competition within the industry. 
  • Conclude with an assessment of the future prospects for this industry. 
  • A list of references.