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Citation Guide: Other Contributors

Help with citing your sources for a research paper.

Essential Elements

Click on one of the following Core Elements 
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(The core elements are required for each citation)

1. Author.
2. Title of Source.
3. Title of Container,
4. Other Contributors.
5. Version,
6. Number,
7. Publisher,
8. Publication date,

9. Location.

  *  Optional Elements
**  In-Text Citations


Note: Include any person who made a noteworthy contribution to the work.

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Sample Citation - Other Contributors

4. Other Contributors:
      On occasion, there are contributors in addition to the author who also need to be credited for a work, such as: editor, translator,
      illustrator, or secondary authors. Their names should be included in your citation if they are relevant to your paper or are
      necessary to identify the source.