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Citation Guide: Title of Container

Help with citing your sources for a research paper.

Essential Elements

Click on one of the following Core Elements 
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(The core elements are required for each citation)

1. Author.
2. Title of Source.
3. Title of Container.
4. Other Contributors,
5. Version,
6. Number,
7. Publisher,
8. Publication date,

9. Location.

  *  Optional Elements
**  In-Text Citations


Note: The examples on the right demonstrate how to cite sources located in a container that is housed inside a larger container. 

  • One example is an article printed in a journal that is also available in a database.
  • Another example is an episode of a TV series found on Netflix.

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Sample Citation - Title of Container

3a. Title of Container
        The eighth edition adds containers to MLA style, which is the larger collection that "contains" the original source. For example,
        a book of poems is considered a container, but the original poem is the source. Container titles are italicized and followed by a
        comma because the remaining information describes the container.

      Collection of Short Stories:
 A container.

      Television Series: 
A container.

Sample Citation - Container within a Container

3b. Container within a Container:
        Occasionally, you'll find a container that is located inside a larger container. A collection of short stories on Google Books is
        one example where the collection of stories (the container) is located within a larger container (Google Books). 

      Television Series on Netflix:
 A container within a container.

Article in a Database: A container within a container.