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Citation Guide: CBE/CSE

Help with citing your sources for a research paper.

Ordering a Reference List and In-text Citations


  • End references are sequenced based on the order that they appear in the text, they are not listed alphabetically.
  • Use numbers within the text to refer to the end references.


in-text reference:
Liberated German art was hauled away to secret locations to be distributed among American civilians1.

end reference:
1. Simpson A, Burns M, Lovejoy J, Gumble B, Christian S, Powers R, Simpson L, Flanders T, Simpson B, Burns L, et al. The Flying Hellfish: WWII liberators of art from Nazi Germany. Cypr J. 1989;9(1):49-58.
2. Lumpkin L, Simpson C,. Country singin aint for me. 3rd Ed. Washington, DC: Country Press; 1989. 419 p.



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Journal Title Abbreviations

CBE/CSE Citation Style requires abbreviated Journal Titles - use the link below to access a complete list of abbreviated titles. 

Find Journal Title Abbreviations Here

Online Journal Article-One Author

Print Journal Citation Example

  • Author(s). Article title. Journal title. Date;Volume(issue):page numbers.

Print Journal-Multiple Authors

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