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English Education & English Writing: Who to Stalk?

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Language Variation

‚ÄčAmerican Dialects

Carver (1987)

Wolfram and Schilling-Estes (2005)

MacNeil and Cran (2005)

Wolfram and Word (2006)

Language Attitudes in the US

Lippi-Green (2011)

Recent Changes in American Dialects

Labov (1991, 1996, and 2012)

Standard Treatment of the "Circles" of English"

Kachru (1992)

Kachru, Kachru, and Nelson (2009)

Language and Social Groups


Ghadessy (1988)

Weizman (1984)


Partridge (1934)

Adams (2009), focused on the US

Coleman (2012), covers the English-speaking world more broadly

Eble (1996), college student slang

Sports Announcer Talk

Ferguson (1996)


Linguistic Description of AAVE

Green (2002) not the origins

Differences between SAE and AAVE

Labov (1969a)

Wolfram and Fasold (1974)

Smitherman (1977)

Rickford (1999)

Morgan (2002)

Discussion of the Features of AAVE

Rickford (1998)

Mufwene et al. (1998)

Mufwene (1993)

Language and Gender

Talbot (2010)

Eckert and McConnel-Ginet (2013)

Lakoff (1975)

Tannen (1990c)

Holmes (1995), politeness

Diversity in Women's Language

Eckert (1989)

Bucholtz (1996), features of Black women's language

Henley (1995), features of Black women's language

Mills (2003), Third Wave feminist linguistic study

Wrye (2009), Fourth Wave feminist linguistics study


Holmes (1984, 1987)

Coates (1987, 1989)

Coates (2004)

Fishman (1980), discusses you know and minimal responses

Lesbian and Gay Male Language

Jacobs (1996)

Baker (2008), language and sexuality

Non-sexist Language

Frank and Treichler (1989)

Pauwels (1998)

Tag Questions

Coates (2004)

Holmes (1984)

Cameron (1985)

Tannen (1990a, 1990b), gender on playgrounds