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Information Literacy Advanced Search and tools (Module 3): Advanced Searching

Advanced Search

Often times, you will need to do advanced searches to find what you want in our resources. In the previous tutorial, you learned how to narrow down resources through faceted search. In this tutorial, you will be shown how to use the advanced search feature.

Advanced Searching Books

In the previous tutorial, you learned how you can select what type of information that you search for. You can also combine different searches in the catalog.

To start searching for books you need to go to the main library page and do a search for your topic.


When we do a search for Jesus Christ, it defaults to a simple Keyword search and gives us over 1,200 results.  


In order to get to the Advanced Search feature, you need to select the Modify Search tool.  


Once you are in the advanced search feature, you can select subject. When you do that it brings you to 844 results.






Within the advanced search feature you can combine your searches and the way that those searches are combined. In the example below, the search has been set to look at Jesus Christ and Paul in the subject headings. This means that it is giving results that have both of those two terms listed in the subject headings in the record. 




In the examples below "And Not" has been selected. This is the opposite of selecting "And". This means that it will not provide results that include Jesus and Paul in the subject headings. It will only provide results with Jesus. This brings our results 829. 

In the example below a search has been done to look for Jesus or Paul in the subject heading. This means that it will pull up each item with Jesus Christ or Paul in the subject heading. This brings up more search results. 


You can also search by author and subject. 



Advanced Searching Articles

You can also do advanced searches in our EBSCO resources like you can in the catalog. 

The advanced searching features in EBSCO allow you to search for various terms in multiple fields.


In addition, you can also limit down your results in the Advanced search mode instead of selecting one type of limiter at a time like in the basic search.