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Mississippi Baptist Historical Commission: MS Baptist Ministers Book

Baptist Ministers Book

This project has been put on hold.  We have not received many pastor sheets, and the publisher we were going to use has closed.  All sheets that were sent in have been added to our biographical files.  If we pick this project back up in the future we will include the sheets we have already received.


Many of you may already have a copy of the book Mississippi Baptist Convention Ministers that we published in 1986.  We are working on a second volume and are already collecting information.  This volume will include current and retired ministers that are living, as well as, denominational workers.  You can download the Information Sheet below and return in by mail or email.  All information will be kept in biographical files.  We must receive information on 500 pastors to publish.  We hope to have this volume published by Convention 2020.


Mailing address: PO Box 4024, Clinton, MS 39058