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Submitting Your Dissertation, Thesis, Or PDE: Preparing

This LibGuide will provide guidance on how to prepare and submit your dissertation for publication by ProQuest Dissertation Publishing.

MC Checklist for Final Document

Before You Begin To Proquest Database

Before you begin to submit, please be sure you have the following:

  • Full text of the dissertation/thesis in PDF format: Your dissertation itself must be in one file, though you can include supplmentary files, as discussed below. If your manuscript is in Word format, you can convert to PDF using the PDF conversion tool that is part of Word. You also must embed fonts in the PDF. For tips on creating PDF files, see Formatting Tips at the bottom of this page.
  • Abstract: you are required to submit an abstract as part of your completed dissertation.
  • Names of your Dissertation Advisor and other Committee Members
  • Subject Category: You must choose one subject category from the ProQuest Subject Category list that best describes the topic of your dissertation, and you should choose two more. Describing your topic in detail will make it easier for others to find it in ProQuest Dissertations and Theses. 
  • Keywords: You also should provide up to 6 keywords to characterize your topic further to facilitate searching.  You should use significant words that are embedded in your abstract.
  • Optional Supplementary files: images, data, etc. that are an integral part of the dissertation, but are not part of the main document's full text.