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HIS 403: History of Religion in the South: Primary Source Research

   For help with historical research using primary sources: 

  • use the information on this page, which includes books, eBooks, & websites, or
  • visit the library's Primary Sources research guide, at:

Historical Research Books @ Speed Library

There are many books in Speed Library that discuss conducting historical research using primary sources. Below are links to relevant Subject Headings & example books that you may find useful. Additionally, there are links to eBooks & websites about historiography in the middle and right-hand columns.

Use the search box below to search MICAL for library books, journals and media material:

The following Subject Headings can be used to search by subject in the catalog to locate books in the library:

Below are links to relevant books that you can check out from Speed Library:

Historical Research eBooks

Below are links to sample eBooks in our new Academic eBook Collection. Learn more about how to download an eBook to read on your computer or on your Apple, Android, and Kindle devices here.

Websites on How to Conduct Historical Research