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EDU 6524: Teaching Skills of Reading & Comprehension: Home


Dr. Sue Townsend
Adjunct Professor in Education
Phone: 601.925.3226

Lowrey 208

Mississippi College
Box 4026
Clinton, MS 39058

Course Description

This course emphasizes reading approaches, theories, strategies, diagnosis, and remediation techniques to enable teachers to become more proficient in the teaching of reading. In addition to the state standards for reading, particular emphasis will be placed on the integration of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) for the early and middle childhood generalist certificate. 

This course is designed to provide the student with information relevant to the reading skills, materials, and practices of effective teaching systems used by readers and the interactive nature of the reading process.  The focus will identify contemporary issues and develop an awareness of current, effective elementary reading practices.


Please contact Jennifer Steele with a PDF copy of your syllabus if you would like it available here. 

Library Liaison

Jennifer Steele
Leland Speed Library
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