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Children's Literature Guide: Home

This guide will assist in helping to locate resources relating to the study of children's literature at Mississippi College.

Featured Books

Collection Overview

Speed Library contains a great number of resources useful for the study of children's literature. A rich collection in the area of children's literature in both fiction and non-fiction is found on the library's lower level. This collection includes outstanding picture books, concept books, and big books.  

The entire collection may be accessed through MICAL, the online catalog.

NPR Children's Literature


Curriculum Lab

The MC Library Curriculum Lab is a curriculum materials center designed to support the specialized needs of teacher education students.  It is located in the Learning Resources Center of the library on the main floor. 

In addition to books and other educational materials, the Curriculum Lab and LRC area includes a laminator.  It is available to students for the preservation and reuse of teaching aids.