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Kinesiology - U Research Resources: Related Readings

Related Readings/Assignment & Assessment Ideas

Banas, J. (2008). A tailored approach to identifying and addressing college students' online health information literacy. American Journal Of Health Education, 39(4), 228-236.  Available online

Keane, E. (2009). Evaluating consumer health information: What fails to harm us makes us smarter. Reference Librarian, 50(2), 178-192. doi:10.1080/02763870902755916.  Available online.

Romanello, M. L., & Martin, M. (2006). Information literacy in athletic training: A problem-based approach. Athletic Therapy Today, 11(3), 40-43.  Available online.

San Jose State University.  Interesting example of how information literacy was integrated into a course syllabus.